Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Wide leg pants from Coexist. :)
Looooove. :)
Love this cut out shirt from zoo shop.:)
I forgot to bring a bag for dinner, so I just used my make up bag from cole vintage.:)
Accessories from Asos, Michael Kors.
We fell in love with the cut out details.:)
Birkin display! Nice:)

Midas Hotel lobby. :)

Finally another entry. :) Oh how I missed blogging.:)

Last weekend the family had a little R&R at Midas Hotel - Thanks to Deal Grocer for the discounted rates. Hee. :) The hotel's interior design is just amazing [one of the better ones we have seen in the Metro]. The staff told us that the theme is Hermes, which explains why they have these orange boxes all over the lobby. And yea, let us not forget the Birkin bag they used as a display as well. :)

The staff were all nice and attentive, the rooms were well appointed, and the food was good. :) To cut it short, it was a nice hotel and we had a good time there. :)

Postscript: We also celebrated my mom-in-law's pre-birthday dinner during the weekend. And that explains why I'm all dressed up in the first photo:)

Happy Birthday Mama Net!!! We love you!:)