Monday, November 7, 2011

Cream Halloween Ball

Our ipads! Weeeeee!:)
Tryna look scary!:)
The event was packed.:)
Crazy set up.:) Kudos to BIGFISH!:)

Suicidal Bride. :P Hehe
The gang.:)
With Chucky and his bride, Mr. Vampire and Mr. Smurf.:)
The guy on the left is the person who made it all happen. Awesome make up Randy. Thanks! :)

Hello Hello. :) I know it's quite late for a Halloween post but I just wanted to share to you guys what we wore for this year's Halloween party.:) Actually, it's not that grand because we didn't have that much time to prepare because we're in the process of moving houses. So I chose something easy and simple - a corpse bride and groom. :D Hehe.

And how cool is that, we actually won 2 Ipad 2s that night because of our costume. :) It was totally unexpected because there were just too many amazing costumes that night!!! But I guess we got lucky! Heehee. :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Wide leg pants from Coexist. :)
Looooove. :)
Love this cut out shirt from zoo shop.:)
I forgot to bring a bag for dinner, so I just used my make up bag from cole vintage.:)
Accessories from Asos, Michael Kors.
We fell in love with the cut out details.:)
Birkin display! Nice:)

Midas Hotel lobby. :)

Finally another entry. :) Oh how I missed blogging.:)

Last weekend the family had a little R&R at Midas Hotel - Thanks to Deal Grocer for the discounted rates. Hee. :) The hotel's interior design is just amazing [one of the better ones we have seen in the Metro]. The staff told us that the theme is Hermes, which explains why they have these orange boxes all over the lobby. And yea, let us not forget the Birkin bag they used as a display as well. :)

The staff were all nice and attentive, the rooms were well appointed, and the food was good. :) To cut it short, it was a nice hotel and we had a good time there. :)

Postscript: We also celebrated my mom-in-law's pre-birthday dinner during the weekend. And that explains why I'm all dressed up in the first photo:)

Happy Birthday Mama Net!!! We love you!:)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Red & Yellow Red & Yellow Red & Yellow

Hello Dolls! :)

Today I wanted something loud and bright.:) So I wore Red pants and a Yellow top. Wheeeee! :)

Have a great week ahead. :)

Thursday, March 31, 2011

A year older

I love these Jeffrey Campbell boots, but the thing is --- it kills my feet every time I wear them on long hauls.

Candid. hahaha. :D

Paul Smith-ish Elevator.:) Love it.
Butterfly Hotel lobby.:)

Thank you babe for a wonderful trip.:) You're the best.:)

Hey guys. :) Thank you for all the comments on my last post!!!.:) Love them all.:D

These photos were taken last March 23, on the day of my birthday :P My husband surprised me with a trip to Hong Kong. :D And he also gave me something reaaaaalllllly lovely. :) I'll show it to you guys on my next post.:P

Anyways, the trip was fun although I was kinda sick that day. My husband wanted to go to a bar for some drinks but I just wasn't feeling well. :( All of my energy was already spent walking around and shopping! I just couldn't go out anymore. So we just slept, and the 10 hours in the sack was lovely. Another round of shopping the next day. Yey!!!:D

TGIF! Have a great weekend dolls!:)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Just Out of this World

I must say that I absolutely love the "Disco Ball" restroom of Robot.:) We couldn't resist from taking photos.:P

Yesterday I had my pre-birthday celebration with my close friends at Spiral restaurant in Sofitel. I scheduled it before my birthday because I probably won't be in Manila on the actual day of my birthday. (Hubby says he has a plan.) :)

After dinner, some of us decided to head to Robot but the others had to go home coz it's a work week. But nevertheless, we absolutely fell in love with Robot! They pulled off the modern zen look beautifully. And did I mention their restroom is out of this world? :) I'm pretty certain the photos will attest to that.

We also heard that they serve good food but we weren't able to try it coz we were still full from the buffet. :) We'll certainly be coming back anyway so no worries.

I wore another color block outfit. A friend of mine even teased me if Crayola sponsored my outfit. :P Hehe. Gotta love my gay friends for being funny and fab! :)

P.S. You have to see and experience Robot. It's the place where Wasabi used to be just beside The Peninsula Manila. :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Color Block

This is what I wore the other day for work and some errands. I tried the color block trend. What do you guys think?:)

Happy Sunday!:)



Shoes: Topshop