Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just an ordinary day

Necklace: Girlshoppe
Top: Bershka
Leggings: From Hong Kong
Shoes: urbanog

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Midsummer Day

I know that black is not a color of choice for hot summer days like this, but I have to make an exemption for this jumpsuit. I mean aside from the strapless design and loose bottom area, the material is also nice and cool, it's close to wearing a day dress. :)

I love these accessories I got from Bershka and H&M. :)
This seafood pasta tops my list in Manila. Pasta Marenese. YUM!!!!! :)
Spinach Pizza. Hubby's favorite. :)
Oh hello, handsome. :)

Taste of L.A is one of our favorite restaurants, aside from the good food, the place exudes a romantic vibe--- it's like you're always on your first date. :) Heehee

OMG! I am gaining weight. After that beach trip, I have been eating like there is no tomorrow. I need to discipline myself. Oh, and I'm also not working out....again. Argh! What to do? What to do? Any diet tips? :P

Jumpsuit: Maldita
Shoes: Gojane
Accessories: Bershka, H&M, Forever 21

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Airport Affair

Baby with our luggage. :)
We had our last meal at Portofino. The food was simply divine. :)

This is an excerpt of our stay in Venetian Macau, we stayed for 2 nights after our Hong Kong sojourn. The whole vacation was fun! :) It's always fun when you're with your special someone. :) Yiheeee!!! :)

Everything seems so perfect lately! I couldn't ask for more. Is it because I over shopped? Or is it because life is a complete beauty? Whatever it is, I'm just happy that I'm in this state of utter bliss. :) Thank you God. :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Horrifying Hair Story

I am now posting my terrifying salon encounter. =(

Okay, posted above is the hair color I wanted.

And this is what the stupid Soiree salon did to my hair. WTH? The ends of my hair got too cooked with bleach so we had to cut it.
I've had bad experiences with my old salons so I did dome research for a new salon I could try. I read so many good things about Ken from Soiree Salon, and with no negative feedback on them I figured they must be good.

Honestly speaking, when I arrived at Soiree Salon I was immediately put off by the small lay out of their shop and the short handed staff, but hey, some good things come in small packages right?

By the way, I used to go to Basement salon, they have a big set up and pretty good track record but the stylists there just did what they want and rarely put attention to what you have to say. I found that really odd coz it's your hair so you must have a say on how you'd want it to look right?

So to make this long horror story short, I gave Soiree salon a shot. But as you can see, it's a complete disaster. They ruined my hair, and further damaged it with their idiotic use of bleach. =( And to make matters worse, my scalp felt raw and I could even see little blood clots on the surface of my scalp. It was a complete nightmare!

I was so depressed until the following day, I found myself crying while I was at the hair sink of Emphasis salon (they saved my hair from looking like a total mess). I was just so down about it coz all the pain from the bleaching and the damage it did to my hair was all for naught coz I just ended up with dark hair anyway. :(

I am posting this so girls from Manila would never go to (or ever consider going to) SOIREE Salon because they have ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE ON WHAT THEY'RE DOING.

Soiree Salon is located along White Plains/Katipunan.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Blah, Blah, Black

Our second day in Hong Kong. I decided to wear my DM's because I believe it will not kill my feet - even if we are to walk all day. But to my disappointment, they're not as comfy as I thought! :( I should've worn my trusted engineer boots.

I'm so in love with this top which i got from Ployb, I wish I could find a Chanel print. :)

I love how my hubby and I are able to dress alike, I find it really really cute. I always pick he's clothes and I love it. Just for the record, he's not fond of clothes and shoes but now, he kind of enjoys it. I believe he also told me that he has me to blame for his new found affinity for fashion.

Top: Ployb
Jacket: Ployb
Shorts: Wetseal
Stockings: From Hong Kong
Shoes: DM

Saturday, May 1, 2010

And we kept on walking...

Honestly, I paired this ensemble with my combat boots which is not shown on the photo. I really thought they're comfortable not until I walked with it for 2 hours. It was painful! So I opted to get a pair of flats, which I must say was a blessing in disguise for me coz they're lovely and they match my lace shorts. :)

My favorite items from my Hong Kong loot. :)

Our Hong Kong trip was so tiring. We just kept on walking and carrying heavy shopping bags. But come to think of it, they were shopping bags --- I take my complaint back. hehe. :)
And oh, shopping ban starts now! I am so not allowed to shop for the coming months. Oh no! Good thing I bought everything I can in Hong Kong for the supplies I need for those cold lonely months. Heehee. :)

Lace shorts: Wetseal
Shoes: From Hong Kong