Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Weekend Rendezvous

Hello Hello. :) This is a late post on what I wore last Saturday. We went to a friend’s birthday and headed to Republiq afterwards.

I have on a dress I got from Asos paired with the heel-less shoes which I have been itching to wear since I had my hands on them. :) My husband asked about a hundred times if I was certain that I would wear the shoes to a club telling me that it’s a bad idea because I tend to dance a lot. He didn’t spare any thoughts on how I could break my ankles in them but me being me, I took the leap of faith. To our surprise, the night ended with me being able dance accident-free. :) I was even pleasantly surprised how comfortable it was as opposed to how it looks. I would compare it to wearing wedges, just with a bit more tension on the toes. :)

I’m so happy that I bought this pair, they’re definitely a keeper. :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Heel-less shoes

I finally got the shoes I ordered from Kermit, he's a young designer in Manila who happens to design amazing shoes. Anyway, I waited for a month for this pair. thank God I have them already. Now, all I have to worry about is not to trip on them. :)

Kermit Tesoro's shoes on the runway. :)


I hardly wear rings before, but I am now quite fond of them. :)

Hi. :) The week is almost over. Thank God. :) This was a rough and lazy week for me. Blame it on PMS. I hate myself during these days, my mood swings are crazy. Ask hubby, he's the one suffering its brunt. Hee.

Anyway, I wore this the other day during Typhoon Basyang, I thought it'd be hard to walk around in heels with the rain and slippery floors so I opted to wear flats just to be safe. And yea, the blackout was a killer, the electricity died at around 12mn so we decided to get out of the house and go somewhere where there was electricity because it's impossible for us to sleep without air-conditioning. So in short we ended up driving late at night, and just then did we realize that Basyang had unbelievably strong winds in her as there were a few tree branches that fell down and we saw a couple billboards that were torn apart. You could only imagine how scared I was thinking that a tree (or a chunk of it) might actually fall on us. Thank God we got to the hotel safe and sound. :)

Blazer: Zara
Shorts: People are People
Lace shorts: Forever 21
Accessories: Random Stores

Monday, July 12, 2010


How's this week treating you? Mine started really lazy, I don't want to get out of the house or even get my butt off the bed. Perhaps it's the weather? It has been drizzling and raining an awful lot lately. Maybe the gloomy weather is translating to lethargy, or maybe it's just me being plain lazy. :P hahaha.

We started watching the Lord of the Rings franchise last weekend until yesterday (Monday) Hee. It's my first time to see it so I wanted to finish it in one sitting but someone's gotta get up and work -- which up to now is not in my priority list. :P

This outfit was last Friday, I was just not able to post it. :)
Have a beautiful Tuesday you all. :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Back to work

Kaye and I. :)

These photos were taken by my friend Kaye (saturdaystylebykaye) for my Clothing line Loveculture. We came up with the concept on the day of the photo-shoot itself (talk about winging it). I’m scheduled to watch Eclipse at the end of the day, and she’s been teasing me about it coz she’s not a fan. So when i told her i wanted a goth-rock look, she teased me even more saying that it was short of saying I wanted a Twilight themed shoot. :) She heckled me all day, even after the shoot was over. :) But hey, I guess that is what childhood friends do eh? :) I got my revenge on her by dragging her to watch Eclipse. :)

Tank tops:

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Last Day on the beach

I love this swimsuit I got from Victoria’s Secret. I have always loved the Rocker Chic look so when I saw this piece, there were no second thoughts on buying it. :)

The sunset and the formation of the clouds are absolutely beautiful. :) The colors are simply unreal. :)
Our 5-day Boracay vacay has been nothing but outstanding but our last night on the island made me feel sad coz we were leaving and all. It’s interesting how we’d always be a wee bit down on our final evening in our R&Rs, it’s prolly because we have too much fun. :) But I guess therein lies the thrill of looking forward to the next one. :)

Swimsuit: Victoria's Secret
Vest: From Hong Kong
Sunglasses: From Hong Kong

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer is not over yet

Hello. :)

This photo was taken just this afternoon. As you can see, the family and I are currently on vacation. We decided, yet again, to go to Boracay. I know a few people say the island is overrated and over commercialized but we simply love it here. We have so many good memories of this place. :)

I am so pleased that the weather is cooperating with our little R&R, the sun is up and shining its bright rays on us. :) I certainly hope it will stay this way until Sunday.

Enjoy the rest of the week. :)

Dress: Moonshine
Belt: mango

odd weather

The weather bureau has formally declared that the rainy season is upon our little tropical country. But why is it that today felt like a hot summer day? Odd but it I guess climate change is rearing its ugly head on us. :(

On a lighter note, I decided to wear something bright and fresh to go with the sunshine. :)

I got the lace top from a bazaar, and I really find it versatile as I was able to use it to the beach as a cover up, and now as a top. :)

Top: Bazaar find

Shorts: UO

Accessories: Random stores