Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cloud Nine

This picture was taken just a couple of hours ago. We went up to Tagaytay today to do an early celebration for my husband's upcoming birthday this upcoming June 5. :) We opted to do two celebrations; one with the family on his Birthday "day" and today's just for the two of us. :) Heehee.

I simply adore the weather here in Tagaytay, it's not humid, but it's not too cold either. It's refreshing actually. And yea, this area of Tagaytay where the hotel is located seems to be always smothered with fog, the greenery is grand, and the view is to-die-for. It's fairy-tale-ish romantic, perfect for moments like these. :)

I missed this kinda weather with summer not being too nice to heat-trapping-smog-filled Metro Manila.

In case you guys are wondering why I'm wearing these glasses, I had an eye infection because I kept on touching my eyes on the car ride home after a long day. To cut a long story short, my hands were dirty (although they were visibly clean) and I shouldn't have kept on rubbing my eyes. Lesson learned.
Thigh high socks go perfectly with the weather here. :)

I wish we could have more downtime and get up here often like we used to. :)
Candid shot. Thank you babe. :)

Advance Happy Birthday my Love! Thank you for being the best husband in the world. I'm so lucky to have you.

Life is complete bliss with you. :)

Dress: From Hong Kong
Socks & Stockings: From Hong Kong


  1. super cool outfit Carla!!!:) love the blue blazer and blue socks. I think you're the only one who can pull that off here. And I can feel the love! So happy for the both of you:)

  2. i love love the funky colors and quirky pattern in this outfit!!! you look phenomenal!! :D and so is tagaytay!! gosh, i miss going there for one day getaways.. :D

    oh and happy bday to him! :D

  3. awww how cute! happy bday to your man!

  4. waaaaa just when i was struggling to find what i could pair my black knee-high stockings with, you come along with a perfect outfit using those. haha.