Sunday, December 12, 2010


At the lobby of our Hotel.

Azzure Club at LKF. :)
I love the staircase of Azzure.

We decided to go out and experience the clubbing scene in Hong Kong. We actually wanted to try Balalaika, a Russian ice bar with temperature reaching -20°C (-36°F). :) it's basically a big freezer wherein they serve alcohol. But unfortunately, they were closed that day so we just went to another club. It was actually a pleasant surprise as the club was simply gorgeous playing old school hip hop beats with an equally wonderful crowd. :)

Cheers to pleasant surprises. :)

Dress: Wetseal
Jacket: UO
Shoes: Sam Edelman


  1. wow.. what a fabulous and festive dress!!! you are totally glammed up in that!! love it! :D

    Animated Confessions

  2. i love your outfit!!! it's so girly but at the same time edgy :) following you!

    anyway i've been passed the Stylish Blogger Award and i wanna pass it on to you. just follow the link to claim it:


  3. Amazing dress girl! and Welcome to Hong Kong! Hope you had fun! I love the ice bar you get to wear fur coats <3
    you have a lovely blog! i'm following!!!