Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Just Out of this World

I must say that I absolutely love the "Disco Ball" restroom of Robot.:) We couldn't resist from taking photos.:P

Yesterday I had my pre-birthday celebration with my close friends at Spiral restaurant in Sofitel. I scheduled it before my birthday because I probably won't be in Manila on the actual day of my birthday. (Hubby says he has a plan.) :)

After dinner, some of us decided to head to Robot but the others had to go home coz it's a work week. But nevertheless, we absolutely fell in love with Robot! They pulled off the modern zen look beautifully. And did I mention their restroom is out of this world? :) I'm pretty certain the photos will attest to that.

We also heard that they serve good food but we weren't able to try it coz we were still full from the buffet. :) We'll certainly be coming back anyway so no worries.

I wore another color block outfit. A friend of mine even teased me if Crayola sponsored my outfit. :P Hehe. Gotta love my gay friends for being funny and fab! :)

P.S. You have to see and experience Robot. It's the place where Wasabi used to be just beside The Peninsula Manila. :)


  1. Advance happy birthday carla! :)

  2. Haven't experienced RObot, but it looks fab!:) Oh and can't wait what your hubby has in store for you!:) amazing color blocking and advance happy birthday!!

  3. Advance happy birthday Carla!! I love your outfit!! Super bagay! Kahit ano naman suotin mo, keri eh.. :)

  4. Thank you Melai, Ava and Honey.:)

  5. thanks for visiting my blog! Advance HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Carla! I am so happy to discover your blog! :)

    PS: You are the only lady I remembered during last year's PFW. I was there and the moment I saw you I knew I have to try the white knee-high socks.


  6. holy cow... it looks like that place is meant for a music video.. very cool.

  7. You look just awesome!!! I love your style! :)

    The Cat Hag

  8. Belated happy birthday!!!

    How are you sweety?

    I love the color blocking!

    I'm so sorry I wasn't able to reply on your message at chictopia. I read it too late!!! Did you enjoy your trip?

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  9. hi carla. omg i know the girl in green. d b designer sya hehe ..

    SMOKING CIGAR!!!!!!!!!

    YOU ARE ERO!!!!!