Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Birthday Month

Today's weather was perfect. We had clear skies and the sun was up and about. :)
I love this sheer leopard print top I got from Bershka. I wore it thrice in a span of 2 months. :)
I borrowed my husband's glasses! Hehe. Thanks Babe! :)
Okay, I know I have been a lousy blogger. One post per month? How lame is that? But I just can't do anything about it, everything is just crazy hectic right now. Not that I'm complaining, but I just miss posting stuff. hehe. I'm so glad that I get to do so today.

I am ecstatic about March, not only because it's the month of my birthday but because we're off for a vacation with my family. Finally I get a much needed break with my angels! :)

Thank you for stopping by. :)

Top: Bershka
Trousers: From Hong Kong
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Accessories: Random Brands


  1. Looove the leopard top!! Too bad we dont have Bershka in Manila. :(

    You should really blog more! Hahaha.. I love your outfit posts!!

  2. i agree with honey!:) you should blog more :) Loving the pants!

  3. Another beautiful look from you, gorgeous. :) Hope you'll have more time blogging! And enjoy your family getaway!

  4. you're not lousy naman. Busy lang :) But you update on chictopia more :) Wow advance happy birthday dear!

    Melai of Style and Soul