Monday, March 8, 2010

More Colors

We had another shoot for my line - Loveculture - last Saturday, and this is what I wore. The heat has been insanely hot lately, there have been reports that people are actually dying because of heat stroke. :/ It's so sad. But we gotta live with it, it's not like we have a choice... oh the woes of the tropics.
I love wearing lots of colors lately. :)

I am extremely happy with the shoot, the people I worked with are awesome. I cannot wait to show you guys the photos. :)
:) Heehee. This little girl here is our daughter. She actually asked the photographer to take her photo. But of course, I just did it myself just so our photographer could focus. Ah, kids nowadays. :)
Top: Bench
Tank Top: Gap
Leggings: Tilly's
Shoes: Go jane


  1. so cute and so funky!! love the colors! :D

  2. Gorgeous colours, you pull the mixture off really well the way a lot of people couldn't! Love the pictures too.

  3. i'm lovin' the colors here, Carla! love the leggings!

  4. your photos are great! you look amazing with all those colors :)

  5. my zeus!!! you are summer perfect!!!! beautiful colors and you!!!!!! i want summer now too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! waaahhh!