Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Summer's bloom

This place is so refreshing. Gotta thank my husband for bringing me here for my photos today.
I've been really strict with my food intake this week. I've been eating nothing but oatmeal, wheat bread and Sweet potato. How bad is that? Eeeek! But I don't have a choice because summer is already here and I'm hitting the beach soon. I need to be bikini ready. :)

I sort of cheated today with this plate of Japanese hand-rolled sandwich.

Ceylon milk tea. YUM!:)


Tank Top: Forever21
Skirt: Thrift shop
Belt: H&M
Shoes: Bakers


  1. that milk tea look so good!! :D

    love this ensemble!!! so pretty and dainty!!! love the blazer and shoes!

  2. i love your profile picture! you are so gorgeous and this outfit is amazing, you mixed all of these neutral colors and it looks simple soft and chic!

  3. loveee the blazerrr! and what a cool way to tie ur belt!

  4. Carla, I have to try that diet. It's beach season almost.

    You look so pretty in your white skirt... love how you styled it. And your shoes...fabulous!

  5. this is so young and colorful :) i added you as a fave in chictopia :) i think ure fab girl xx