Saturday, April 24, 2010

What a week

Okay, so I had a forced hair cut. Because my hair was murdered by this salon. I will post the whole story soon and show you guys what happened to my beloved hair. It's tragic. :(

Anyway, this is not just the only reason why my week is such a disaster. The other incident is major. I went to a Casting/VTR for a whitening soap and talent fee is about $4000. I got in to the final casting and fortunately got approved for the commercial. Yipee right? Not! Coz when they were calling me that night to lemme know the good news. I wasn't able to confirm and take the call because I don't have a network signal in our room. My mobile phone was in our living room. So the next day came, and I saw all these calls and text messages from my agent and casting company stating the good news. So I called my agent right away, but to my horror, he told me that I'm no longer doing the commercial. He said that they replaced me because I wasn't able to confirm and take their calls.. =( It's so depressing, it ruined my week. =(

Anyways, I am leaving for Hong Kong with my husband tomorrow. Yey! Now, I must say that I am ending my week right. Have a nice weekend to you all!! :)

Blazer: Love Vintage
Skirt: Loveculture
Belt: Glitterati
Shes: Urbanog


  1. oh no.. that's such a missed opportunity!!! but im glad you're ending the week better.. :D have fun in hongkong..

    love your blazer btw!! so feminine and pretty!

  2. awww, you look so pretty in that blazer! it suits you!