Saturday, May 1, 2010

And we kept on walking...

Honestly, I paired this ensemble with my combat boots which is not shown on the photo. I really thought they're comfortable not until I walked with it for 2 hours. It was painful! So I opted to get a pair of flats, which I must say was a blessing in disguise for me coz they're lovely and they match my lace shorts. :)

My favorite items from my Hong Kong loot. :)

Our Hong Kong trip was so tiring. We just kept on walking and carrying heavy shopping bags. But come to think of it, they were shopping bags --- I take my complaint back. hehe. :)
And oh, shopping ban starts now! I am so not allowed to shop for the coming months. Oh no! Good thing I bought everything I can in Hong Kong for the supplies I need for those cold lonely months. Heehee. :)

Lace shorts: Wetseal
Shoes: From Hong Kong


  1. nice shirt and shoes carla!
    and OMG! HERMES!!! I WANT!!

  2. wow, you are just really stunning.. those stuff that you have made you really beautiful... wow, two thumbs up!

  3. Thanks guys! :)

    That's so sweet.:)

  4. Wow you look beautiful as always!:) Love the loots!

  5. you look amazing !!