Monday, May 3, 2010

Blah, Blah, Black

Our second day in Hong Kong. I decided to wear my DM's because I believe it will not kill my feet - even if we are to walk all day. But to my disappointment, they're not as comfy as I thought! :( I should've worn my trusted engineer boots.

I'm so in love with this top which i got from Ployb, I wish I could find a Chanel print. :)

I love how my hubby and I are able to dress alike, I find it really really cute. I always pick he's clothes and I love it. Just for the record, he's not fond of clothes and shoes but now, he kind of enjoys it. I believe he also told me that he has me to blame for his new found affinity for fashion.

Top: Ployb
Jacket: Ployb
Shorts: Wetseal
Stockings: From Hong Kong
Shoes: DM

1 comment:


    Will your top be available in LOVE CULTURE? Oh yeah, if you can find a CHANEL design, can u buy for me too? haha

    JACKET is FIERCE!!! I waaaant!!!