Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Horrifying Hair Story

I am now posting my terrifying salon encounter. =(

Okay, posted above is the hair color I wanted.

And this is what the stupid Soiree salon did to my hair. WTH? The ends of my hair got too cooked with bleach so we had to cut it.
I've had bad experiences with my old salons so I did dome research for a new salon I could try. I read so many good things about Ken from Soiree Salon, and with no negative feedback on them I figured they must be good.

Honestly speaking, when I arrived at Soiree Salon I was immediately put off by the small lay out of their shop and the short handed staff, but hey, some good things come in small packages right?

By the way, I used to go to Basement salon, they have a big set up and pretty good track record but the stylists there just did what they want and rarely put attention to what you have to say. I found that really odd coz it's your hair so you must have a say on how you'd want it to look right?

So to make this long horror story short, I gave Soiree salon a shot. But as you can see, it's a complete disaster. They ruined my hair, and further damaged it with their idiotic use of bleach. =( And to make matters worse, my scalp felt raw and I could even see little blood clots on the surface of my scalp. It was a complete nightmare!

I was so depressed until the following day, I found myself crying while I was at the hair sink of Emphasis salon (they saved my hair from looking like a total mess). I was just so down about it coz all the pain from the bleaching and the damage it did to my hair was all for naught coz I just ended up with dark hair anyway. :(

I am posting this so girls from Manila would never go to (or ever consider going to) SOIREE Salon because they have ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE ON WHAT THEY'RE DOING.

Soiree Salon is located along White Plains/Katipunan.


  1. oh my goodness, Carla. I'm so sorry to hear about your horrific experience with Soiree. thanks for this post though. I would never try out that salon! so, you got your black roots back?

  2. oh no!!!! im sorry to hear about this.. hopefully it can replenish itself..

  3. I've experienced the same thing with this another Katipunan salon too :( They actually burned my scalp I had to go to the dermatologist to ask for some kind of medication to my redhot scalp wounds. Well, get well soon :) you're still gorgeous :)

  4. OMG!!!! When did this happen? i love your hair pa naman babe =( I hope you got what you wanted at the Emphasis...

  5. Oh darling that's horrible. I hope your scalp is recovered and I bet your hair looks gorgeous now. Thanks for sharing and saving others the pain of going to that crap place.

    Dena x

  6. @Kookie: Hi Dear. Yes, my hair is black again. :( Well, technically brown-ish but still...

    @Libys11: The stylist from the other salon said that the best thing to do is grow it. :(

    @Gixxy: Awwww. Thank you. Moral lesson is never risk trying new salon for big deal treatments like bleaching. Emphasis said they used large amounts of bleach which was totally unnecessary.

    @Jan: This was a month ago. :( They colored my hair dark brown again. :( After all the physical pain and the damage they did to my hair, I just felt so sad that it will be all for nothing coz I'll be ending up with dark hair. :( Boo!

    @Dena: No problem dear. I just don't want other people to do the same mistake. :(

  7. Gosh Carla... sorry to hear that. Glad that Emphasis was able to restore and salvage your hair. Next time, stick to your good old salon. xoxo

  8. ate carl, fuckin sue that salon. Don't leave till they get something in replace of what they did to your hair. Don't leave this lang like that cause they'll think you're fine and you'll get over it.

  9. @Leah: Thanks dear. Yeah, never again.

    @Kaye: As much as I want them to give me free treatments to do justice on what they did to my hair, I just can't trust them anymore. Soiree salon is just creepy, they don't know sh*t about hair!

  10. Ouch! Did they give you a refund? They should. And pay you for the damage they caused!

  11. @Trix: Yup I got my money back naman.

  12. OMG thanks for this at least you'll help save some hair! How much longer did you have to wait until Emphasis fixed it? And what did they do? I want to have my hair fixed also I had it permed last weekend but I don't like the finished product so I want to have it straightened nlang.

  13. buti na lang I did some research muna. I was about to try Soiree Salon tomorrow. Weeeew! >.<