Thursday, July 15, 2010


I hardly wear rings before, but I am now quite fond of them. :)

Hi. :) The week is almost over. Thank God. :) This was a rough and lazy week for me. Blame it on PMS. I hate myself during these days, my mood swings are crazy. Ask hubby, he's the one suffering its brunt. Hee.

Anyway, I wore this the other day during Typhoon Basyang, I thought it'd be hard to walk around in heels with the rain and slippery floors so I opted to wear flats just to be safe. And yea, the blackout was a killer, the electricity died at around 12mn so we decided to get out of the house and go somewhere where there was electricity because it's impossible for us to sleep without air-conditioning. So in short we ended up driving late at night, and just then did we realize that Basyang had unbelievably strong winds in her as there were a few tree branches that fell down and we saw a couple billboards that were torn apart. You could only imagine how scared I was thinking that a tree (or a chunk of it) might actually fall on us. Thank God we got to the hotel safe and sound. :)

Blazer: Zara
Shorts: People are People
Lace shorts: Forever 21
Accessories: Random Stores

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  1. you are flawless darling and so pretty! love the sandals and the blazer! great job on the lace peeking under the shorts too!