Thursday, July 8, 2010

Back to work

Kaye and I. :)

These photos were taken by my friend Kaye (saturdaystylebykaye) for my Clothing line Loveculture. We came up with the concept on the day of the photo-shoot itself (talk about winging it). I’m scheduled to watch Eclipse at the end of the day, and she’s been teasing me about it coz she’s not a fan. So when i told her i wanted a goth-rock look, she teased me even more saying that it was short of saying I wanted a Twilight themed shoot. :) She heckled me all day, even after the shoot was over. :) But hey, I guess that is what childhood friends do eh? :) I got my revenge on her by dragging her to watch Eclipse. :)

Tank tops:


  1. even though im not a fan of twilight, i think the photoshoot theme totally worked!! such fierceness!! :D
    Animated Confessions

  2. oh my i love the concept and how the photos turned out!:) you totally nailed it. My favorite photo is the one with all those shoes. I die of envy. Hehe. You look gorgeous!

  3. i love the photos babe and the black lips rooooooooock!

  4. love the photos! kudos to kaye for a great job!

    what brand did you use for the black shade?

  5. hahaha i love you ate carl! :)

  6. ate carl gave me The Beatles and Ramones top for this shoot! yeyyyy! :) the tops are soooo lovely. LOVECULTURE.MULTIPLY.COM. there free ads! hahaha

  7. i just came across your site & i love it ! its so cute - love the pics! DEF following you ♡
    love the concept !
    id love for you to check out my blog. I constantly host giveaways and interact with my readers.
    My next giveaway will be hosted in a week or so!

    xo elena

  8. wow these are awesome photos! ;) you look very pretty! following now ;) xx