Monday, July 12, 2010


How's this week treating you? Mine started really lazy, I don't want to get out of the house or even get my butt off the bed. Perhaps it's the weather? It has been drizzling and raining an awful lot lately. Maybe the gloomy weather is translating to lethargy, or maybe it's just me being plain lazy. :P hahaha.

We started watching the Lord of the Rings franchise last weekend until yesterday (Monday) Hee. It's my first time to see it so I wanted to finish it in one sitting but someone's gotta get up and work -- which up to now is not in my priority list. :P

This outfit was last Friday, I was just not able to post it. :)
Have a beautiful Tuesday you all. :)


  1. I think those sheer designed socks are a great choice to this all-red outfit. You are pretty as always! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  2. I really die for those shoes. Been looking for those but I think Bakers don't have that anymore:c Btw, it was nice bumping into you last Sunday!:)

  3. GRABE!!! ang ganda mo lang. i die. red is our colo!!

  4. Libys11: Rawr!:)

    Melai. Thanks Dear. :)

    A: :) Thanks.

    Aisa: Hehe. it was absolutely nice bumping into you. I was actually hesitant at first to wave and say hi, coz I was too shy. :P

    Karl: Thank you dear. :) Heehee